Student Life

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Each room houses four or five students. The rooms are a comfortable size, with American style mattresses.  There are state of the art bathroom/shower facilities in the dorm. It is the responsibility of the talmidim to keep their own rooms neat and clean.

All three meals a day are served in the dining room. Breakfast and lunch are Milchig, and supper is Fleishig. The food is typically American style, with some Israeli flavor. There is a well stocked Makolet in the area, with many American and European products. Yes, including sugar cereals too! The Makolet is open every weekday, throughout the day. Many Talmidim enjoy  the local restaurants, Pizza stores and bakery, all near the Yeshiva.

There are many activities organized by Yishrei Lev for its students outside of the regular learning schedule. During the daily breaks, students spend their time playing sports in the  basketball courts, exercising, talking to friends and relaxing in the student lounge.


There are many Tiyulim and Shabbatonim scheduled throughout the year. These trips are planned both for their educational, as well as recreational value, and with the intent that students enjoy themselves and come to learn about and appreciate Eretz Yisrael.

Even on the "out" Shabbasos the Yeshiva is always open and talmidim are welcome to stay, many of whom do. The Rebbeim will usually invite talmidim to join them at their Shabbat meals.

During bein hazmanim, the dormitories remain open, but regular meals are not provided. The yeshiva asks that the students return to yeshiva for Simchas Torah.

Every other week is an "out" Shabbos.

The Yeshiva employs madrichim who live in the dormitory with the students. In addition, there is an Av Bayit who lives nearby the Yeshiva.

Laundry is done for the students by visiting laundry and dry cleaning services that pick up and deliver the laundry directly from the dormitories.