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Yearly Schedules

Yeshivat Yishrei Lev

Calendar 5772-73/2012-13

Schedule subject to change

Additional programs, Shabbatonim, and Tiyulim will be posted in Yeshiva as the year progresses




August 20- First day of Yeshiva, Orientation and visit to Kotel

September 8- Shabbaton in Old City of Yerushalayim

September 17-18  Rosh HaShana -in Yeshiva

September 19, Tzom Gedalya- Tiyul to Kever Rachel and Chevron

September 26, Yom Kippur- in Yeshiva

September 27-October 15, Bein HaZmanim, Sukkos (Please note that there are mandatory programs   during the vacation period, dates listed below)

September 28, Practical tiyul to Shuk Arba Minim in Yerushalayim

October 8– 9, Shmini Atzeres, Simchas Torah—in Yeshiva

October 14-15 Overnight Tiyul to Golan

October 16- First day of Winter Zman

November 8- Tiyul to Dead Sea, Massada, and Ein Gedi

November 24- Shabbaton in Bnai Brak

December 8-, Special Chanukah Sched. First night of Chanukah- Chanukah Mesiba/Concert in Yeshiva

December 9– Chanukah Mesiba in Rabbeim’s homes

December 12-15, Chanukah vacation

December 16– Yom Chesed

January 12, Shabbaton in Moshav Beit Meir

February 6-7– Tiyul to Eilat

March 24-25- Purim in Yeshiva and Shushan Purim

March 12-April 11- Bein HaZmanim Pesach

April 11- First day of Summer Zman

April 14, Yom HaZikaron- Special Program

April 15, Yom HaAtzmaut- Special Program

April  27-28, Shabbaton in Tzefat, Lag B'Omer- Tiyul to Meiron and vicinity

May 8, Yom Yerushalayim- Special Program

May 15-16, Shavuos- in Yeshiva

June 26– End of year S'eudas Preida

June 27- Last day of Zman

Any student who wishes to stay in Yeshiva until Tish’a B’Av is welcome and encouraged to do so.