YU Israel Programs

Masa Israel



Daily Schedules

Please note that the schedule is subject to change to accommodate special programming and sedarim.

Weekday Schedule; Sunday-Thursday

7:15- Shacharis
8:15- שנים מקרא וא' תרגום
8:30- Seder in משנה ברורה:
Mon. and Thurs. - Shiur in practical applications of the Halachos studied that week.
Shana Aleph- חלק א' , Shana Bet- חלק ב'
9:00- Breakfast
9:30- Iyun Seder
12:00- Shiur B'Iyun
1:15- Lunch and afternoon break
3:00- Mincha
3:15- Bekius Seder
5:00- Bekius/Iyun Kal Shiur
6:00- Machshava Shiurim
          Two Machshava Shiurim are offered, each meeting twice per week.
          Thurs. - Hashkafa Va'ad with the Morning Rebbe.
7:00- Supper and evening break
8:00- Night Seder
          Focus on review of material learned over the course of the day/week.
9:55- Mussar Seder
10:15- Ma'ariv
10:30- Various optional shiurim are offered throughout the year

Friday Schedule

7:15- Shacharis
8:15- שנים מקרא וא' תרגום
8:30- Breakfast
9:00- Chumash Shiurim
9:30- Shiur in Hilchos Shabbos
10:15- Free until Shabbos

Shabbos Schedule

This is the Seder HaYom for a standard Shabbos Morning. Other programming will be scheduled for Friday Nights and Shabbos afternoons on special in- Shabbosos.

7:30- Shacharis
9:45- Kiddush
10:15- Shiur in Ramban al Hatorah
11:00- Seudas Shabbos