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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide a complete Israel Experience, Yishrei Lev provides a program designed to ensure that the talmidim are comfortable and happy. The ultimate goal is to allow the students to maximize their learning time as well as strengthening their feelings for and commitment to Eretz Yisrael.

Yishrei Lev is located in Kiryat Yearim, a.k.a. TelzStone, which is a suburb of Yerushalayim. This location allows the students to enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, well kept community, comprised of both native born Israelis as well as Olim from various parts of the world. The suburban environment contributes to the students ability to focus on their learning, avoid the distractions of the city, and at the same time enables easy access to Yerushalayim.

Please browse through the FAQ's and get acquainted with our campus and program.



How are the dorm rooms?  

A Typical Dorm Room

Each room houses four or five students. The rooms are a comfortable size, with American style mattresses.  There are state of the art bathroom/shower facilities in the dorm.  It is the responsibility of the talmidim to keep their own rooms neat and clean.

What's the food like?

All three meals a day are served in the dining room. Breakfast and lunch are Milchig, and supper is Fleishig. The food is typically American style, with some Israeli flavor. There is a well stocked Makolet in the area, with many American and European products. Yes, including sugar cereals too! The Makolet is open every weekday, throughout the day. Many Talmidim enjoy "Telz Burger" and the local Pizza stores and bakery, all near the Yeshiva. 

What do the guys do when they're not learning?

There are many activities organized by Yishrei Lev for its students outside of the regular learning schedule. During the daily breaks, students spend their time playing sports in the adjacent basketball courts, exercising, talking to friends and relaxing in the student lounge.


"Telz Burger"

Are there any activities besides learning?

There are many Tiyulim and Shabbatonim scheduled throughout the year. These trips are planned both for their educational, as well as recreational value, and with the intent that students enjoy themselves and come to learn about and appreciate Eretz Yisrael.
During the daily breaks, the basketball court will call out to some talmidim. Others might prefer a quick walk to the pizza store, jogging in the beautiful Harei Yehuda that surround the Yeshiva, or just relaxing in the student lounge.
Students can also participate in a  trip to Lithuania and Poland with Rabbi Gordon.

What arrangements are there for "out" shabbasos and "bein hazmanim" for students who do not have many relatives?

Even on the "out" Shabbasos the Yeshiva is always open and talmidim are welcome to stay, many of whom do. On the In-Shabbasos, guests from other yeshivot are welcome to join us in the yeshiva. The Rebbeim will usually invite talmidim to join them at their Shabbat meals.
During bein hazmanim, the dormitories remain open, but regular meals are not provided. The yeshiva asks that the students return to yeshiva for Simchas Torah.

How far is it to Yerushalayim?

Kiryat Yearim is a suburb of Yerushalayim, approximately a 15 minute ride away on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. It is a beautiful, well-kept neighborhood, close enough to the city to have easy access to all of the benefits of Yerushalayim, yet removed from the daily distractions of the city. There is ample, safe public transportation to and from the city. The 189 bus line services the area and is relatively inexpensive. When a number of students are traveling together, they can hire a private "Monit Sheirut", which, per person, is competitively priced in comparison to the bus.

Do the students have email?

Email accounts can be accessed on computers provided by the Yeshiva.

Security Arrangements:

The yeshiva maintains contact with the army, local police, and the American Consulate,keeping the yeshiva informed of the security situation. Kiryat Yearim maintains a private security force that patrols the neighborhood, in addition to constant shimrah at the entrance to the Kiryah. Travel limitations may be implemented if deemed necessary. Students will be contacted if there is a need for immediate security information. We respect the limitations that parents place upon their children.


The yeshiva will employ madrichim who live in the dormitory with the students. They can be invaluable as friends and mentors.


Students are encouraged to keep their spare cash, passports, and plane tickets in the safe located in the office. They have daily access to the safe.

Family Visitations:

We encourage parents to visit their sons during their year in yeshiva, especially during the "bein hazmanim" periods listed in the yeshiva calendar. Parents who plan to visit their son while the yeshiva is in session are requested to limit the amount of time they take their son out of the yeshiva. Our years of experience have shown that taking a student out of the yeshiva environment impacts negatively on his overall experience. Every day of Limud HaTorah is important and irreplaceable. Before your visit we request that each parent send an e-mail to the yeshiva office with the dates of your trip and contact info in Israel.  Please inform us if and when you plan to visit the Yeshiva.  Visiting Yeshiva is encouraged and appreciated. We encourage parents and siblings to spend time in the yeshiva learning with us.

Who does the laundry?

Laundry is done for the students by visiting laundry and dry cleaning services that pick up and deliver the laundry directly from the dormitories.




We accept mature and motivated young men who want to come and make the most of their year in Israel.  We therefore expect our talmidim to behave as Bnei Torah.  We excpect the talmidim to be sensitive to the residential and religious nature of Kiryat Yearim and that they will strive to create a Kidush HaShem both within the yeshiva campus and without.

What's the relationship between the Yeshiva and the Community?

Kiryat Yearim is an expression of "kibutz galiyos". This warm, friendly community is populated by many native Israelis, as well as Olim from almost every continent (we haven't met anyone from Antartica yet). Local families are proud to have Yishrei Lev in their neighborhood, and are frequent guests in our Beis Medrash throughout the day. The yeshiva will arrange, at times, for students to visit various appropriate homes for Shabbos and YomTov meals.
The conduct of the Yishrei Lev students as Bnei Torah insures a continued, friendly relationship in town.