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Scholarship Fund

At Yeshivat Yishrei Lev we encourage and promote feelings of responsibility towards the Klal. One way of expressing commitment to this important ideal is donating towards the yeshiva's Scholarship Fund. Monies donated to this fund will be used to assist students in need to pay for their year in Yishrei Lev or to cover expenses for medical or psychological services that a student can't afford.


Yahrtzeit Commemoration

Limud HaTorah is the ultimate source of merit for one's Neshama (see the Chafetz Chayim's work "Ahavas Chesed" 2:16 for a discussion of this idea).
For $300 you can sponsor a day of learning (three sedarim)in the yeshiva. For 200 dollars you can sponsor two sedarim, and for $100, one seder. Any learning done during those sedarim will be L'Iluyi Nishmas your loved one. Additionally, a Keil Maleh will be recited on the Shabbos prior to the Yahrtzeit.


General Donation

Please express your support of Yishrei Lev through a General Donation to the yeshiva. Participation in a yeshiva's upkeep is an indescribable merit!


Tuition Payment


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