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If you have a question about Yishrei Lev, or would just like to find out more about the program, please email us at or feel free to call Rabbi Gordon directly at 718-907-3218.

Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is the affiliation/hashkafa of the Yeshiva?

Yishrei Lev aims to provide its talmidim with a "classical yeshiva" experience which embraces the realities of the contemporary American Orthodox community. Yishrei Lev is marked by a high level of learning, instilling in its students a love for, and commitment to, Torah, Klal Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael. The ideal Yishrei Lev student has already demonstrated, in high school, accomplishment in learning, yiras shamayim, and proper middos. As an Israeli based Yeshiva, we present a positive attitude toward Eretz Yisrael and its modern significance, including tiyulim which impart an appreciation of both Biblical and Modern Israel.

What are the educational goals of the yeshiva?

The Yishrei Lev graduate should be someone who has both the tools and drive to continue his development in learning throughout his life. He should have a command of the masechta learned in the yeshiva as well as a proficiency in classic works of Jewish thought and understanding of the Halachik process.
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Do you encourage the students to pursue a college education?

We believe that with the proper foundations of Limud HaTorah and Hashkafa, it is not only possible, but even appropriate for a Ben Torah to pursue a college education, leading to an honest parnassa.  Objective readings of various ma'amarei chazal support this position. Of course, our talmidim will want to maintain a standard of learning and yiras shamayim as close to that in the yeshiva as possible, and will choose their college program carefully. In 21st century America, there are numerous options for the serious student and Ben Torah, and our talmidim will be equipped to make good decisions that are appropriate for their individual goals.
Upon completion of a year of study in Yishrei Lev, the student will receive a transcript for a full year's credit, recognized and accepted by major universities, including Yeshiva University, Lander College, and Touro.

What kind of talmidim do you wish to attract?

As noted above, Yishrei Lev is a "classical yeshiva with a contemporary outlook". Our vision is to attract students who wish to benefit from a yeshiva with a "yeshiva flavor". This includes both students from Yeshiva High School and Mesivta backgrounds. If the talmid is serious about his learning and excited about being challenged in his Avodas HaShem, then he should consider Yishrei Lev.

Is there a dress code?

A central message of Yishrei Lev is that of "Mentchlechkeit"; It is a wonderful zechus to be learning in Yeshiva, and the talmid's externals should reflect his status as a representative of Torah. To further that goal we ask that talmidim wear a button down shirt (color not important), tucked in to his pants (once again, color not important), during the yeshiva day.

Who are the Rebbeim, and what are their backgrounds and styles?

Yishrei Lev has an excellent staff of dedicated and experienced Rebbeim, who provide warm and caring attention to each talmid. They come from varied backgrounds, and have diverse styles. For a short biography of each, please click on Faculty.

What kind of relationship do the students have with the Rabbeim?

 The trademark of Rav Gordon's and the other Yishrei Rabbeim's Chinuch experience has been their unmatched kesharim with their talmidim. Many of the Rabbeim, including the Hanhala, live in close proximity to the campus, and their homes are open to their talmidim at all hours. The students see their Rebbe not as a teacher, but rather as a mentor and role model, and often confide in and consult with their Rebbe about life's questions and problems. Students will continue this relationship for many years after they depart Yishrei Lev, and it is commonplace that Rabbeim are honored with the request of attending talmidim's weddings, including being Mesader Kidushin, years later. Additionally, many parents have developed relationships with them as well.
In short, there is a very warm,close, and mature relationship between talmidim and their Rabbeim.

What are the shiurim like?

The Iyun Gemara shiurim are taught at an advanced level and require a prior background in learning, such as that given in a Yeshiva High School. Each Magid Shiur has his own particular style, but in general, emphasis is placed on acquiring a derech in learning, and mastering the skills needed to learn in depth and independently. The shiurim are interactive, thereby encouraging the talmidim to participate in the development of the sugya.
The afternoon Bkiyus Shiurim focus on mastering the entire Masechta being learned. These shiurim will provide an overview of the mefarshim, both Rishonim and Achronim, on the daf.
Additionally, there are guided, in depth, daily sedarim, in halacha, based on the Mishnah Berurah, augmented a weekly shiur forn enrichment. There are also daily shiurim in Machshava, featuring classics such as Nefesh HaChaim, Maharal, etc. 
The primary language of instruction is English. Some of the supplemental shiurim and guest lectures will be in Hebrew.

What's unique about the learning in Yishrei Lev?

Yishrei Lev emphasizes clarity and depth of understanding in learning. In order to facilitate this, the Rabbeim remain in the Beis Medrash throughout the day. We encourage the talmidim to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to engage the Rabbeim in discussion and debate. The Rabbeim are proactive in their goal of guaranteeing accomplishment in the talmidim's learning.

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How is the Ruach  in the Yeshiva?

From the infectious enthusiasm in the Beis Medrash, to the meaningful Tefilos. From the uplifting Kabbolas Shabbos and Friday nights, to the emotional Shalosh Seuodos, and the Leibedike Mesibos and Melaveh Malka's…it can't be beat!
The sense of "Chevra" created in the Beis Medrash will be carried over to all the yeshiva's activities, Tiyulim, and Shabbatonim.
We believe that overall yeshiva ruach plays a key role in the development of our model talmid.

What percentage of Yishrei Lev students remains for shana bet?

We anticipate that most students would like the opportunity to remain for a second year in Yishrei Lev.  About half actually will stay on for a second year.

How will Yishrei Lev affect my son's relationship with his family and community?

Family and community relationships will be enhanced if a student integrates the messages of middos, derech eretz, and balance that the yeshiva stands for. It should be axiomatic that Torah learning should build a person up to be someone better than he was beforehand. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens. Our yeshiva will explicitly focus on the proper way a true Ben Torah should relate to his surroundings, with respect and dignity.  
Throughout the year in Yishrei Lev, we invite and encourage parents to maintain contact with their son's Rebbe, as well as with the administration. It is in everyone's best interest to be "on the same page".

The Yishrei Lev program has been very carefully planned, both in Ruchnius and Gashmius, with the goal of providing the total Israel Yeshiva experience for the advanced talmid. We take our responsibility seriously and appreciate your votes of confidence and encouragement.